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Pastures New…….

Well, with the winding up of the Ballarat Studios i find myself with the time and the inclination to knuckle down and be an artist again. The project has given me once in a lifetime experience and a wealth of invaluable friends and contacts which i hope i can bring forward into new projects and […]

Hello….. i’m here! I haven’t gone away!

Hi there! now, everyone always apologises for not blogging when they make their first blog post for AAAAGEESSSSS so, erm… Apologies for not blogging, i intend to blog more often. Promise. Ok, apology over,  i am here to announce that finally, Art of Industry can have it’s page back because The Ballarat Studios has is […]

When the going gets tough…

…..the tough, get painting!! Despite several funding induced hiccups, i am pleased to announce that we have secured some fantastic donations which have allowed us to transform the bar area into the gallery i always pictured it could be. We dug deep, painted EVERYTHING and now we have our stage and the space is looking […]