When the going gets tough…

By Karen on Monday, April 15th, 2013

…..the tough, get painting!!

Despite several funding induced hiccups, i am pleased to announce that we have secured some fantastic donations which have allowed us to transform the bar area into the gallery i always pictured it could be.

We dug deep, painted EVERYTHING and now we have our stage and the space is looking amazing!!


There used to be a bar here.....

There used to be a bar here…..

It has been liberating in a way to know what we have, and haven’t got to work with. Going forward has been harder practically, but we have made such progress simply because we know now what we have to work with. I’m not hanging back waiting for funding that just isn’t coming.

So, while we re-structure the company slightly and beaver away behind the scenes it is full steam ahead!

We have ‘The Whistling Floozies’ christening our newly built stage on Monday, April 22nd

Starting at 6pm and running their two man acoustic set until 8pm,
Tickets are £2.00 on the door.
BYO, with £3.00 corkage which covers wine and beer.
No spirits please!
There will be some refreshments available for a donation, and nibbles will be provided.

There are also some rumours regarding an x-box with kinect session as a follower… but i can neither confirm or deny such rumours…

May day Festival

Monday 6th of May Bank Holiday sees the gallery transformed with a gorgeous mix of stalls.
Art and crafts, Fine Jewellery and a showcase from our Co-Op artists.
Entrance is free, refreshments on sale.

All proceeds from these events are going straight back in to the project.

So, after our events, we are working with some local theatre companies to put on performances in the gallery area…. if you have a show and would like to use our stage then please get into contact!

Exhibitions are up and coming, our Co-Op is growing and we should be expecting our first exhibition soon.
So, looking forward.. perhaps a little sideways but never back!

Al Pacino said it best…

“Some people, you squeeze them, they focus. Others fold”

my origami was never really all that good………


By wearsas on May 5th, 2013 at 08:22

I have read through your blogs and I’m really uplifted by your passion and commitment to what you want to achieve. As someone who comes from North Shields and has on occasion drank in The Ballarat, It’s amazing to see a pub being transformed into an Art studio. We seem to share two passions? Art? I teach it and paint and potter, and the Tyne. I worked on the fish quay as a boy and as a young man worked at Smith Docks, which was down the bank from the Ballarat. Good luck with everything you want to achieve and I will pop in next time in Shields.

Paul Wear.


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