Shipyard History

The Swan Hunter Shipyard – Shipbuilders, Oil rig breakers and home to Art of Industry from 2001 until 2013. The studio was situated on the third floor of an office block once hidden behind one of the largest Fabrication Sheds in the world. The yard as it was has gone, and i am looking forward to sharing with you the work the came from my unparalleled views along the River Tyne in both directions, and the access i had to the yard in my time as resident.

My heart is here, in my home town.  My inspiration is here and my first exhibition was here. From just under 2 years of photographs, sketches and happenings on the river and around the yard i hope to create a body of work that pays tribute to Wallsend and the river, then and now.


Artists Co-operative
We are offering an artist co-operative
Craft Collective

We will hopefully have some new and exciting classes coming soon to "The Ballarat Studios" - provided by the lovely Anna, from Craft Collective Newcastle.

Why not take a look at her Facebook page to see some of the classes, tutorials and parties she will be able to offer.

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